Frequently Asked Questions

All Edges Gilt specializes in Antique Prints, Museum Editions and Facsimiles.


What are Facsimiles?

Facsimiles are prints made with production overseen by the artist or publisher. These are carefully made, using an original design by the artist, typically a metal plate. Prints made this way exhibit nearly identical characteristics to the original work and are usually more rare because they are produced in limited numbers.


What are Museum Editions?

Museum Editions are high-end reproductions, meaning they are done in-house and not supervised by the original artist or publisher but are made in such a way as to faithfully resemble the original work and therefore be of "museum quality."


What kind of quality can I expect in my print?

Our AEG editions are referenced against our own collection of original, antique prints which allow us to make decisions about color, paper tone and material. We employ the giclée process, and use archival inks and 100% cotton-rag paper imported from England. Unless otherwise noted, we typically print reproductions to the same dimensions as the original work. When print margins allow, AEG editions are authenticated with a blind stamp embossing in the bottom corner.


Do you offer custom sizes or one-off print making?

Yes, we can make prints to custom sizes. We typically do not make prints by request as our focus is antique print editions. Nevertheless, you are welcome to make an inquiry if you have something you would like scanned.


What if my print is damaged in transit?

In the rare case that a print is damaged in transit, we will make it right by shipping you a replacement (when available) or issuing you a full refund.